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Why Magento 2 Headless commerce is the future of Online Selling Business? 

E-commerce sales will cross 5 trillion-dollar mark by 2023 end. Headless commerce is popular Magento 2 architecture becoming highly significant for business growth. It operates by separating your back-end infrastructure from the front-end customer interface.   

The headless commerce offers complete liberty to sell anywhere removing any sort of design limitations. This involves creativity and willingness. Statistics reveal over 60% of business enterprises are building solution to boost their e-commerce strategies. It is estimated that headless commerce solutions will be adopted by over 76% e-commerce businesses within the next 1-2 years. Magento 2 Headless has received multiple discussions, but it is worth to invest. To ensure the implementation is properly performed, it is important to learn everything about headless. 

What is Headless Commerce? 

Headless commerce is the key architecture behind an e-commerce platform and runs by separating the front-end experience from the back-end technology. Brands with no access to template front ends have liberty to create highly personalized shopping experience for customers. 

With the availability of the headless commerce architecture, vendors can simply turn latest technologies mentioned below into a digital storefront with commerce functionality. 

  • Vending machines 
  • Mobile apps  
  • Social media 
  • Smart mirrors 
  • Voice-assisted technology  

Key difference between headless commerce and other CMS architectures 

A headless architecture guide sellers with advanced tools to engage large number of customers rather outdated e-commerce platform. Headless commerce separates both front and back ends of an e-commerce store. But each side has multiple benefits, since customization can be done without impacting the other. This both saves time and supports delivery of an improved customer experience across multiple customer segments. 

Separating the front and back ends brings multiple opportunities. The most common use case is to push content to the front end with the guidance of an existing CMS rather than the commerce platform.  

Benefits of Investing in Magento 2 Headless Commerce 

Headless commerce surely positions your Magento e-commerce development to new heights.  

1. Faster time to market 

Experiments and customization can be done easily when you go for headless e-commerce. This improves the concerns of developers who face challenges to work on both front and back-end systems.

Applying headless, ensures customer-related job can be done separately, without waiting for back-end work, and vice versa. The copy is easily separated from the code and guide each team to keep going without depending on the others to complete first. 

2. Personalized Control  

Headless works great with everyone. Existing systems coded in different languages can address key integration, even those impacting the customer experience. Insights shows 55% of e-commerce leaders said their existing platform is capable to support their business for not more than a year.  

Once a brand excel, UX becomes key tool to improve growth. We find brands that continuously grow on their CMS theme to experience new challenges that must be addressed and uncover latest needs that would improve regular growth.  

3. Personalized Shopping 

Headless commerce offers Magento 2 development company developers improved flexibility to serve data to customers, no matter which device they’re using. Headless assist split test what you build so you can improve the customer experience. It becomes easy for the developers to apply changes to the e-commerce website your consumers are accessing. Passing information personalize the complete customer journey.  

Shoppers love spending more than planned when they have personalized shopping experience. Going headless affords agility crucial for a brand to keep up with changing customer engagement requirements.  

Wrapping Up: 

Renowned E-commerce businesses are in favor of headless architecture seeing its benefits. Above all, it is guiding them and has several benefits as mentioned above in the blog. Additional efforts are required for headless commerce, but the outcome remain for longer duration for overall business growth. Conventional approach is still admin-friendly to work with, but then again, change is a necessity.


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