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Why Magento is the Preferred Platform For E-Commerce Development? 

As per Business News Daily, Magento is the best E-commerce platform for enterprises and fast-growing online businesses. E-commerce is a fast-paced and changing market where companies need to be responsive. This is where Magento CMS is far superior than its competitors. 

Over 20% of all E-commerce sites worldwide are Magento-based, which is quite obvious seeing its feature set. So, if you’re still confused, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to choose Magento 2 development company for your e-commerce.  

Key Reasons of Magento CMS Success 

1. Search Engine Optimization 

Gaining organic traffic from search engines is one of the most popular means to gain ROI. Magento helps SEO by supporting you to build URLs, tags and descriptions with proper keywords. In addition, Magento help to drive inbound traffic, having set of powerful tools help in improving conversion optimization.  

2. Mobile-Friendly Platform 

This is highly crucial feature for Magento e-commerce development services, wherein whole shopping can be done via mobile platform.  

  • Drag and drop facility  
  • Swipe, zoom, and multi-touch  
  • Compatible with media files  
  • HTML5 language to build mobile responsive website  
  • Clear and user-friendly catalog management 
  • Great for iPhone, Android, and other platforms 

3. Website Maintenance   

Magento is a popular CMS for e-commerce development and very well knows the relevance of website management for startups. In fact, it assists admin to manage multiple website from a single dashboard. 

  • Multi-language options & currencies 
  • Magento integration with third-party apps 
  • Templates integrated with customized design 
  • Captcha enabled websites for immediate response  
  • Tax calculation as per the location, and product type 
  • Control websites straight from the admin panel and essential data  

4. Product Catalog Management 

Product catalog is the most crucial element for the online store. No matter what you are selling on your e-store comprising wearable, beauty products, electronics, or fashion stuff it is important to manage catalog. The CMS offers quality features consisting – 

  • Supports virtual products 
  • Seamlessly edit and delete product reviews 
  • Complete inventory management 
  • Perfect customized services  
  • Import and export products   
  • RSS Feeds   

5. Secure Checkout & Payment Services 

Checkout and payment is a key concern for users when choosing the right platform for the shopping cart. You can hire Magento 2 developers to easily integrate your desired alternative for payment and shipping extension.  

  • One-page checkout 
  • Ship to multiple locations in one order 
  • Comprehensive SSL security support for front-end and back-end orders 
  • Full assessment for shopping cart tax and shipping costs 
  • Flat rate shipping, and Shipping services with Order tracking  

6. Real-Time Support  

You can buy premium Magento Support subscription for additional benefits. This helps to fix your website concerns with professional experts. The price of the premium service relies on the products and the company target audience. They will customize it and add upgrades as per the requirement. In addition, Magento has a vast community of expert developers, testers and researchers serving queries of users.  

7. Page Construction  

Magento comprises of two important elements Page Builder CMS or Content Management System. It helps to construct page with latest features that can engage the customer. With Magento 2 CMS it is important to build the base yourself and then add upgrades as per need.  

Wrapping Up: 

Magento CMS is known for its advanced and secure features. The customization capabilities it offers to developers is simply remarkable seeing the market trends. The best thing that makes it the first choice of the startups is being an Open-Source platform.

Seeing the above mentioned features popular brands have opted for Magento support services for desired business outcome. The latest Magento release is far more superior to the old version and is the preferred choice of reputed brands. 


Published by Agento Support

A professional Magento 2 support agency, Agento Support caters a complete range of support solutions for the diverse requirements of Magento store owners in the US and all over the world.

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