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10 Best Magento 2 Extensions You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2021

As per the available statistics, global eCommerce sales are anticipated to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. In that case, more and more developers are going to use Magento 2 as it is believed to be the most powerful and secure platform for online sales. Today, every Magento 2 development company has to be abreast of all the latest software updates and extensions rolled out in the market to extend the functionalities of Magento. Magento Marketplace offers a plethora of Magento 2 extensions that are intended to make your Magento 2 store more flexible, scalable, extensible, and help you deliver a better customer experience with added functionalities. However, if you have specific requirements, you can consider investing in custom Magento extension development services.

This blog will share a list of 10 best Magento 2 extensions that you could use to boost the performance of your online store.

But before you try any of these Magento 2 extensions, here are a few points that you need to look for in your Magento 2 extension:

  • Don’t trust the reviews blindly. Perform test runs to test whether it would work perfectly for your business
  • Consider the price of Magento extensions. If an extension is available for free, you may consider trying that first. We have listed some of the best Magento 2 extensions that are free-of-charge.
  • Is the Magento 2 development company that you’re hiring for Magento extension development services providing good customer support? Or else, where will you go to troubleshoot and fix an issue?
  • Does the company provide regular updates for the extensions? Otherwise, look for another company.

Let’s discuss these top ten Magento 2 extensions for your online store in 2021.

Magento 2 Extensions for Payment Gateways

  1. Realex payments extension

This Magento 2 extension is a 100% open-source extension available in 54 nations through which you can transact in over 140 currencies. Realex payments extension offers your customers multiple options in terms of how they want to pay, which is good for sales, as customers love choices. Furthermore, Realex is compatible with any device with its secure hosted payment page. This reduces PCI DSS compliance costs.

2. Elavon payment extension

Elavon payment extension is available in three continents and 29 countries. It makes it simple to accept online payments via any connected device. Additionally, the extension also supports embedded iframe form, redirect, and lightweight popup. Also, the HPP is 100% customizable which makes manipulating the customer interface easy.

3. PagSeguro payment for Magento 2

PagSeguro payment module allows your customers to make online payments without leaving the checkout page. Though it is a Brazilian gateway, it accepts foreign online transactions. The lightbox is embedded in the Magento store and the payment details are processed in a secure environment.

If you need help with Magento 2 extension integration, you can always hire Magento developers on an hourly basis or at fixed cost from a professional Magento 2 development company.

Customer Influencer and Loyalty Extensions

4. Upsell & cross-sell popups

This Magento 2 extension recommends related and relevant products to hoppers while they are viewing or adding items to their online shopping cart.

5. Stock & price countdown

This module for Magento 2 is a countdown timer or stock countdown that allows you to run a limited period sale or create urgency in order to boost conversions in your Magento-powered online store. This excites and encourages your customers to buy from your web store.

6. Free gifts and coupons

One of the effective ways to reduce the cart abandonment rate is to offer a gift or coupon to your customers. This Magento 2 module gives your customers gifts before they checkout so that they don’t abandon the cart. These gifts could be coupons, discount codes, etc. The extension also comes with a countdown timer that creates urgency and makes customers rush to buy before the offer or the time expires.

Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Magento’s Social Performance

7. Social Login for Magento 2

Social Login for Magento 2 is crucial for inducing customers to log in to your Magento eCommerce store through any social media account. Its rewarding features include swapping customer information across various social platforms, one-step checkout, and making layered navigation easy. This extension is also good for supporting customer loyalty programs.

Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Your Sales

If you’ve opted for Magento eCommerce development, then your ultimate is goal is to generate more revenue from your store.

8. Beeketing | Sales & Conversion optimization

Beeketing extension for Magento 2 comes with 10+ built-in tools, each with a unique set of functionalities designed to boost the conversion rate at all stages of your marketing funnel. It provides opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling with notifications, coupon popups, countdown widgets, product recommendation sliders, email marketing tools, etc.

9. Out of stock notification by Amasty

Using this amazing extension for Magento 2, you can add subscription boxes for your customers to receive stock notifications and price alerts. They will receive an alert every time a product goes out of stock or is back in stock. However, customers can choose to opt-in or opt-out of these notifications.

10. Customer-Specific Product & Price Extension

This extension from Beeketing is useful for store owners who need store personalization for their customers based on segments, products, and prices. This Magento 2 extension can be used to set custom product prices to a specific customer demographic or group. You can also use it to make your customers feel special by showing VIP products to VIP customers only. However, the extension will come in handy if you’re already using a good CRM data to analyze your customers’ past buying behavior accurately and adjust the settings accordingly. The Magento 2 module will then automate the pricing data to a specific customer type or brand. You can use this great extension for creating and running a customer loyalty program later.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best Magento 2 extensions that you can try in 2021 if you’ve indulged in Magento eCommerce development. However, if you do not have experience in integrating and setting up Magento extensions into your Magento web-store, you can always hire Magento developer or Magento support team for the required service.

Approaching a reliable Magento 2 development company is always the best option as it has vast experience in providing custom Magento extension development, customization, and integration services to the global clientele.


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