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How Are Magento Community & Enterprise Different From Each Other?

Magento is known for continuously updating its features. It is popularly known that there are two different editions of Magento which are the Commerce Edition and the Open-Source edition. 

Both these versions of Magento are accessible to anyone wanting to build an online store; with one being free (Community) and one being paid (Enterprise). With this continued update cycle, it can be difficult to always determine what sets each version apart. Or! how they will differ from one another going forward. 

To add further complication, the newest release of Magento 2.3 is also a significant change for Magento’s architecture as well as front-end technology. 

Despite the difficulties in determining the differences between Magento Commerce and Open Sources, here are some key ones: 

  1. Magento Enterprise vs Community: Business Size. 

Magento Commerce is targeted at medium-sized and larger businesses as opposed to Open Source’s focus on small businesses. Magento Open Source isn’t really targeted at any specific market; it can be transferred easily because it’s open source. 

Magento Commerce definitely works smarter than Open Source; this makes it better suited for fast-growing businesses or those with medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, Magento Open Source mainly facilitates the making of online stores for small-scale enterprises (SMEs). 

If you have no idea about how large the community is to serve, you can connect with Magento 2 development company to get advice on which version to pick. 

2. Magento Enterprise vs Community: Transferring the Code 

With Magento Open source (enterprise), it is possible to transfer the code from one company to another. As the system is open source, everyone can access its full source code. In contrast, Magento Commerce refers more to business use instead of an open-source coding platform. 

Thus, people using open-source can easily change suppliers and customize their websites based on their needs and preferences. Furthermore, businesses with custom e-commerce sites are restricted in what they can do; making changes or moving code around will either take a long time or prove too expensive. 

3. Magento Enterprise vs Community: Scale 

Magento Commerce is much greater than Magento Open source (Enterprise version) in terms of power. It contains many more features and unique out-of-the-box functions than Magento Open source.  

Large businesses thus prefer Magento Commerce as it can scale up to the amount of work they require while obviously matching the amount and quality of work that big commercial businesses need. 

Thus, if you have a large organisation and great user base to handle, using Magento 2 enterprise development is the best way to handle load 

4. Magento Enterprise vs Community: Pricing

Magento Commerce offers the most features at a higher price point due to obvious reasons considering it is more powerful and capable. Magento also enables you to leverage additional facilities and support services in Magento Commerce 

5. Magento Enterprise vs Community: Scalability

The sites built on Magento Open Source don’t scale well for large transactions and huge sales. For those who need more power, there is an upgrade path to Magento Commerce which has all the same features but with a lot more horsepower. 
There are many benefits to running your site off of Magento Open Source. But! When it comes down to scaling at large enterprises or comprehensive Magento eCommerce development, you will eventually have to pay for an upgrade or deal with being left behind. 

Wrapping Up 
This implies that both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce are efficient depending on the level of your business. It is important to know what you need from an e-commerce system before you decide which one will work best for you. 

If you want to create an online store and have a vast audience base to serve, you should hire Magento 2 developers to create your platform and sync desired features. For a small community to serve, you can use the community version. 


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