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How much cost is involved in Magento PWA Development in 2022? 

Businesses across the globe are doing all efforts to get back on their track after pandemic times. Most of the enterprises are focusing towards the online business model to engage prospects and serve customers. 

Daily items are being ordered online and the industry is growing due to online businesses. Having an online presence is not sufficient to beat competition. To ensure your e-commerce success, it is important to create a virtual presence across all the diverse platforms.  

Magento offers PWA in terms of Magento PWA solution. With this technology, you do not have to build a mobile app from scratch but in Magento 2 PWA Development; Magento 2 development company use a combination of technologies and solutions to offer the Magento E-commerce website as a web application. To make an investment in Magento PWA it is important to know the cost involved in the development work. But before that Magento PWA benefits are essential to understand.  

Benefits of Magento PWA in 2022 

1. Offline Access   

The best thing is PWA accessibility even without internet access. Although it is not possible for the customers to make purchases online without internet, with PWA you can give access to important business processes offline and encourage customers to take action anytime anywhere. 

2. Push Notifications 

Whether new product is launched or you wish to promote a new product, Push Notifications is available to deliver personalized messages. It is a perfect marketing strategy and used to avoid shopping cart abandonment to complete order. You can send timely push notifications to your customers to avail latest offers. But make sure to hire Magento 2 developer about the volume of push notifications as it can impact your brand image and lead to the app abandonment. 

Cost of Magento PWA Development  

1. Using Magento 2 PWA Extensions (<$300) 

Magento 2 PWA extension is probably the cheapest option to consider. Regarding features, extensions have common PWA features including “add-to-home-screen” button or push notification. But it doesn’t include complete functionality of PWA like background sync, offline usage, etc. 

Apart from that, some extension lack Magento standards. This can lead to complex code conflicts after making an update. Moreover, this solution can result in slow loading and unsmooth performance. 

2. Medium Magento PWA Cost ($300 – $3,000) 

Medium-priced themes offer higher benefits to merchants. They usually come with engaging and complete designs, core features of Magento and PWA. Moreover, essential e-commerce functions, not to mention services like installation, updates, and support. 

3. Custom PWA development services 

The cost for a theme like this often higher than $3,000. The charge of customizing themes is conditional upon Magento 2 development service and the complexity of the requirements. All in all, premium theme would be a better option for end clients. After buying the theme, they will be offered services like free installation, support, and updates in the long term. 

With the support of a Magento 2 development company, you not only improve your sales but also contribute towards brand image and in very less time. When you opt for Magento PWA it guarantees smooth integration with your website. So, to grow online sales all you have to approach a professional PWA builder that can meet your technical requirements and has the desired Magento Progressive Web App development experience. 

Wrapping Up 

How about going with the trend and convert your E-commerce store into a PWA? Well, to perform this you have to hire Magento 2 developer to boost your online business. What’s more, a lot of time and money is saved on app development while improving the user experience. The developer integrate all the expertise to make sure smooth functionality. The development company has the objective to build the best-in-class PWAs using the robust Magento platform. 


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