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Top 5 Magento Development Tools to Ace in 2023 

If you want to create a website to promote your company, Magento is the best option. Why? Magento has all of the unique features you’ll need for your website. It can also improve your web game. However, there are some Magento development tools that you should be aware of to use on your website.

First, it saves your developer time, and second, it expands your website. For more assistance, you can hire Magento 2 developer. So, if you want to learn about some essential website development tools. Let’s dive deeper and explore. 

Must-have Magento development tools 

Here are some Magento 2 tools to use for applications. 

Magento Debug 

Let’s start with the first Magento development tool in the list. Magento Debug is a developer’s toolbar on the Django framework. Developers understand the script and how to specify their attributes. Although the debug toolbar and Magento development toolbar is almost the same. But, the features of both tools are nearly identical.

Moreover, Magento Debug helps to deduct those issues, saving you time and money. You can hire Magento 2 developer for more guidance. Additionally, it provides a solution that does not negatively impact system performance. 


Here’s the next Magento tool. With the Xdebug extension, you can debug your PHP code. It explains how to configure Xdebug and PHPStorm for debugging. So it makes it free to use any of the IDE. Furthermore, you can identify and address bottlenecks in your development process. 

When you use Xdebug, you can add breakpoints to the code to stop it from running. You can use it to debug PHP programs using the DBGp debugging protocol. You can hire Magento 2 developer for more guidance. As a result, you see the output after only one function. Furthermore, it contributes to time savings from debugging and testing. 

As a result, the various outputs you can see after only one function execution. So, you’ll save time troubleshooting your code and performing other tasks. It aids in PHP program debugging by utilizing the DBGp debugging protocol. This application can assist you in profiling PHP script specifics. 


PHPStorm is a quite modern and popular PHP IDE. It assists you in managing large eCommerce projects. The Magento 2 extension for PHPStorm auto-completes the code from the Magento store. It also helps you in navigating the extensive Magento 2 source code.

It includes GraphQL navigation line markers, class method development, and declaration testing. When you need to replicate the same code structure, the PHPStorm live templates tool comes in handy. You can seek Magento 2 support services for more guidance. And all while maintaining the code’s quality in different locations. Furthermore, PHPStorm is suitable for Magento development. 

EcomDev PHPUnit 

EcomDev PHPUnit is our next tool. This extension is quick and provides quick tests of Magento modules, blocks, layouts, etc. And you can easily check all of them. So, you can use testing methods with the assistance of Magento developers.

During runtime, you will notice that other test objects take over the system. That is until a secure test database connection is made. As a result, you do not modify or change core files or the Magento database. 


Finally, we arrive at an effective management tool. Magetool is yet another effective development tool. Because it aids in the development of Magento websites using the Zend framework. Magetool assists you in reducing time-consuming, insignificant tasks. This plugin helps you in carrying out workflow instructions rather than simply switching.

Furthermore, inserting a module accelerates the development process. It made data migration to Magento admin and MySQL databases simple. Magento support services might help with some guidance. Programmers can easily carry out instructions, increasing work efficiency significantly. 

Conclusion: Although this list is huge. But some of the above-mentioned will surely help you. For more consideration, consult Magento 2 development company for more projects. 


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