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Top Magento 2 Maintenance Issues You Must Know  

Magento eCommerce websites are the best working examples of online business stores. However, like any other eCommerce website, it is also a digitally working machine that requires routine maintenance. So, if you are looking for regular Magento 2 store maintenance or struggling with some critical Magento issues, we offer Magento support service for both.   

Common Magento 2 issues  

Before getting started, let’s discuss some of the most common Magento 2 issues to look out for:  

  • Performance issues: Loading speed, downtime, dysfunctional working checkout process, and any other issues that affect store performance are called perforce issues. These challenges disrupt customer experience and make them leave your website.  
  • Security issues: Financial frauds, phishing, Malware, Spamming, DoS & DDoS attack, Exploitation (SQL & SQLi), Bots, MITM (Man in the Middle), Brute force, and e-Skimming are some of the major security issues. However, all these issues can harm the business if not addressed on time.  
  • Customer engagement issues: Confusing navigations, poor UI/UX, low bandwidth, disconnected data system, and Omnichannel strategies are crucial factors that lead to bad customer engagement. Therefore, if you have expert Magento 2 store support, they can quickly fix it towards a rising revenue.   
  • Business adapts: With ever-evolving customer requirements, the latest trends, and revolutionary technologies, an ideal business is one that customizes itself daily. If your business is not adaptive to current trends and market standards, you may lose the competition.  
  • Outreach recovery process: When the themes, extensions, and hosting start behaving irrespectively, an eCommerce store becomes highly contagious to cyberattacks and hacking. In such scenarios, Magento 2 maintenance service can help you handle such situations in real time.   
  • Design & content issues: Failing both the design and content quality can potentially decrease customer engagement in your store. Make sure you update the content and design as per the customer’s requirements. However, analyzing the unappreciated factors of your website is part of an expert job and must be addressed under expert supervision.   

What are the most crucial Magento 2 maintenance services?  

Now that you are well aware of the challenges and issues faced by Magento 2, let’s explore its services to have a smooth Magento eCommerce store:  

  • Basic UI/UX changes: User experience and user interface require timely updates. It might be something you feel like changing in your eCommerce website or addressing an issue. Magento UI/UX design service experts work on the design of your eCommerce store and ensure your business preferences get streamlined with the customer’s needs.   
  • Store troubleshooting: A Magento store encounters many problems like outdated design, absence of backup, lack of on-page optimization, broken links, no backups, and so on that need to get troubleshooted instantly.  
  • Monthly store backup/regular backup: If you are looking for someone who can take regular backups for your Magento store, hire Magento developers from a well-renowned Magento 2 development company. Whether you want a monthly update or fix a time limit, the experts will take care of it professionally.  
  • Load speed testing: If your Magento store encounters performance issues like loading speed, the Magento developers will suggest you this service to which, they shall check the speed and website parts & functions that may negatively impact your website loading speed.
  • Browser compatibility testing: Website visitors use numerous browsers to search like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and more. However, if your website is not compatible with any one search engine, you may lose potential customers. Therefore, under this service, Magento experts will test the browser’s compatibility, and address the issues.   


An eCommerce website maintenance like Magento is a vast topic with varied services. If you are looking for specific maintenance service for your Magento eCommerce store, we are here to assist you.   

Hire Magento 2 developers from our well-renowned expert team and they shall guide you with the best market trends and eCommerce store services.


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