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Get To Know 5 Key Features Of Magento B2B Platform

The eCommerce business is thriving rapidly over the past decade due to the growing emergence of smartphones and internet accessibility. Not just consumer-level enterprises but product manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are also looking to adopt a digital sales model. Concerning the same, the B2B platform is getting due importance and widespread acceptance in the business ecosystem.

If you have ever thought of taking your business digitally in terms of selling products to other businesses, then rely on Magento 2 development service. Magento B2B eCommerce platform is making headlines everywhere in terms of providing a feature-rich application to transform business.

As you already know, Magento offers a result-oriented business platform for B2B enterprises dealing extensively in bulk quantity of products. So, over here, we will be talking about the major benefits of relying on Magento B2B platform for transforming your business and making higher ROI.

5 top features of Magento B2B platform

It is better to review Magento 2 B2B features to get a better idea of the platform before taking your business digitally. The business-to-business platform offers extensive capabilities to businesses creating a feature-rich store to reach a wide range of business customers and enlarge the enterprise level.

1. Availability of in-built self-service tools

Using plugins has of imperative importance to extend eCommerce platform functionalities and manage the same seamlessly. Just like Magento B2C platform offers a distinctive line of plugins to bring more functionalities. In terms of the B2B platform, you also get several in-built plugins instead of buying some of them. The plugins of the business eCommerce platform provide self-service functionalities to manage your account seamlessly. You can further streamline the process by installing a particular choice of the plugin on the platform.

2. Quick order management

Quick Order is a specific feature available on the Magento 2 B2B platform for enterprises to further streamline the order management process. It helps the businesses to make the order process within the limit of a few clicks only. Instead of the usual process of customers first filtering, selecting, adding, and following several steps while searching for a particular product or SKU, Quick Order fasten up the process.

3. An advanced set of account management

The business platform always has different stakeholders to manage different accounts and carry out the business seamlessly. Magento B2B platform offers an advanced account management feature that allows the ability to assign multiple users the accessibility of the account. Also, with the help of this feature, users have direct access to the provider’s directory for the selected accounts. Buyers can manage their own accounts while managing the business with different merchants.

As company users, you have the flexibility to add or remove users along with the additional feature of dragging and dropping functionalities accordingly.

4. Easy creation of requisition list

The requisition feature of the Magento B2B platform helps business users to create a requisition list. It is the list that covers the range of frequently purchased products and makes it simple for the existing customer to purchase in a hassle-free manner.

Magento B2B platform allows the users to create unlimited requisition lists and customers have the flexibility to create multiple product lists. Customers can add products to the list that they have purchased earlier and find it simple to find the same without devoting much time.

5. Multi-brand solution for enterprises

There are times when brands have multiple businesses under one brand and sell products differently. With the availability of the Magento B2B multi-brand solution feature, you can manage multiple businesses from the same platform by creating different accounts. It allows you to manage distinctive businesses seamlessly and have better control over the enterprise. Moreover, it is beneficial in terms of providing the same buying experience to all the customers belonging to your different businesses and enhancing the ROI level.


Magento B2B platform is a cost-effective and result-oriented solution for businesses to take their product-based business online. The platform provides a distinctive set of features to manage multiple brands under the same roof in order to save cost, and effort, and increase customer acquisition. Get started with the Magento B2B platform once you decide to hire Magento 2 developer from a pioneer company like Agento Support.


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